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Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship

Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship

In-house initiatives

nu-ingredient fundamentally believes great relationships are based on supporting one another. Within our contracts we take great pride in working with our clients to achieve their corporate responsibility targets.

From creative fund raising initiatives within our staff dining facilities through to sponsored wine tasting evenings, we have donated over £8000 supporting our clients' corporate responsibility ambitions.

Working with Business in the Community, nu-ingredient is honoured to be supporting the less fortunate who wish to rebuild their lives and regain confidence by hosting two-week placements within our contracts.

Candidates are given full coaching and training in the various roles that our dynamic catering industry has to offer.

The ultimate aim of this step by step process is to provide structure for the candidates, exposing them to various job roles that will equip them with the skills required to gain and sustain employment.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Facts: 27,680 Tons of Coffee Waste is produced in the UK each month. Every person in the UK consumes roughly 3.14kg of coffee per year, 1.5 cups of coffee a day. For every Ton that goes into landfill, 365kg of CO2 is produced. Composting reduces this from 365kg to 30kg of CO2. 5grams of CO2 is produced from one cup of coffee; this is reduced to 0.5grams when the coffee is reused as fertiliser.

nu-ingredient and Greencup

nu-ingredient, working with Greencup, recycles used coffee grounds generated in our contracts into real, useable products and therefore minimise waste going to landfill.

Mixing the coffee grounds with sheep's wool (as well as other ingredients) the unusable coffee grounds are transformed into a fantastic fertiliser that keeps away slugs and snails in gardens.

The fertiliser is now being sold in garden centres throughout the UK.

Food Waste Recycling Programme

Food Waste Recycling Programme

With Government targets being set to recycle waste rather than going to landfill, nu-ingredient have implemented food recycling programmes within our contracts.

Food waste generated in the pre and post production within our kitchen operations is separated from normal waste and undergoes a process called Anaerobic Digestion.

Through this process, food waste is transformed into both compost (fertiliser) and renewable energy from the methane gas (bio-gas).

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Working towards a more sustainable future

Within our staff dining facilities nu-ingredient will only use biodegradable and recycled disposable take-away products.

This initiative offers our clients the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt a more responsible policy towards supporting the environment.

Our disposable products are:

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Sustainable
  • 100% Renewable

Convert2Green - Act on CO2

Convert2Green - Act on CO2

Waste cooking oil collection

By working in partnership with Convert2Green, nu-ingredient has saved over 5 tonnes of carbon in 2012 by converting waste cooking oil from our kitchens into sustainable bio-fuels for road transport, heat and power.